Tuesday, 26 April 2011

25/04/11 & 26/04/11

Quote: Not eating light, will make your clothes too tight!!

I broke my fast today, i had planned to but not to eat as many calories as i did. We went to the seaside for the day, and i made it all the way through til about 2pm with only 150ml of apple juice. I was quite pleased. goes bad. Dad went and brought ice-creams, i said so 'no' so he took if off me, took some of the ice-cream for himself and then shoved it back at me!! I had 3 licks and could feel the cold dairy in my stomach! im not good with pure dairy at the best of times - so ice-cream was BAD!! I felt sick, bloated, pure ewwww. I took 4 lax and 4 water pills.

But i came home and started to binge :'( I had 1 small easter egg. I did manage to stop myself, because i didnt want to ruin my weight anymore than i had done. When i weighed myself tonight, i was down 0.2lb from last night. Not very good at all!!!

I burnt of 550 through my day

ARGH!!!! Im up 0.4lb, how could i have been so foolish and gave in to the ice-cream. That started the whole spiral off. Stupid thing. And then....Cos i was disappointed i ate 1/2 a small easter egg for brekkie then some plain bread - 405cals in one sitting! FAT is coming my way.

That wasnt the end of it. At lunch i went to the shop, only planned to buy a diet coke, but brought a cheese sandwich, sponge cake and some rolos. I dont know what came over me, i could stop myself buying them. I ate 1/2 of each thing and then threw the rest away - this is miles better than i normally do. Normally i'd eat the whole intire lot. I think it was about 650cals i ate there. more :D i've ate nothing since 12pm, and its not 8pm. Not even feeling hungry and not going to give in if i do. I went to the gym after work and burnt 450 while i was there, i had to stop after 50mins cos of my chest again, so i've done some aerobics now that im home :D

In total i've burnt 1150cals and eaten 1055. Taken lax and water pills, to counter-act my wrong doings. Not a fabulous day. Tomorrow WILL be better.

Take care everyone, stay strong x x

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Heat Wave

Quote: Skip dinner, end up thinner

O.M.G!! think i may have over-done the gym last night 475 burnt in there, and 670 through out my day (1120). I felt terrible when i got home, like someone was pushing down on my chest. Werent nice, but i woke up this morning and the pain is gone, im down 0.8lb, so all is OK.

My family have gone out for a 'Easter Lunch' and i decided not to go (think of the calories in a meal!!) so i've got the house to myself. I've been sunbathing, and its come to lunch time. I went to the fridge took out pineapple, grapes, then the cupboard and took out ricecakes (114cals), put them all in a bag and throw them in the bin. I made sure i hid them well underneath other stuff. I'm walking to my friends house which is 3.5miles away, so i'll be sure to burn a lot of calories :)

I'm quite pleased i've changed my goal weight, 105lb is no where near thin enough!!

Stay strong everyone!!

Thank you for all you lovely comments on my posts, they really spur me on :D

P.S, here is me in the dress, i'll be thinner on the day!!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Stay Strong

Quote: Dont give in, even when you think you cant carry on!

Great day so far, woke and im another pound down. Ive changed my GW and UGW because i am 0.8 away from my goal (105) and i still feel fat, so ive lowered it :)

Gone for a nice long walk today and burnt off 400cals. Going for a swim later, and had only 143cals (pineapple, grapes and teeny piece of chocolate). Taking in no more calories today :)

Sorry this post is short, next one will be longer.


Friday, 22 April 2011

Good day :)

Quote: is food more important than happiness?? I think not!!

YIPPEE!! Ive had a good day, down another 1 pound this morning, really am starting to love seeing the numbers dropping each time i weight!!

I woke up this morning and only planned to swap around my hoodies with more summery clothes, i did this and then i ended up having a really long cleaning and tidying frenzy in my room for 4hrs!! i rearranged, dusted, sorted, then sorted some more. Lol. Made up 4 bags of rubbish. Once i started it, i just had to continue until it was all perfectly finished. Plus i was thinking of the calories i was burning too :)

Its so hot today, took a stroll to the cinema...and only took enough money to buy my ticket so that i wasnt tempted to buy any food. Boy, it felt good to sit down, but i jiggled my feet about it. lol. People were eating ice-cream/popcorn/nachos, the smells were all around me - so that became my 'eating', but not a single thing went in my mouth! Strength

Ok so the damage today is:
Lunch: 111
Dinner: 190

I've burnt 350 so far (not where near enough), and ive still got my aerobics workout to do before i go to bed later, so i few more will be gone then :)

Stay strong people!!

X x X

Thursday, 21 April 2011

20/04/11 & 21/04/11

Quote: When one goal is achieved, it opens a door to another

I broke my lowest weight this morning, but i wasn't actually as happy as i thought i would be, i was think i could have done better and will do better.

My friend and I werent meant to go to the gym but i was feeling so rough, all my limbs were heavy and i felt drained, that i thought about cancelling. I got out of work and had a text saying she was cancelling. So that was it, I went, i'm not a good enough person to go with, so prehaps when i am thinner, she will want to go to the gym with me.

I burnt off 500cals in the gym and 700 walking about through out the day (1200 total) and had eaten 445 cals for the day. Still need to get the knack of eating less.

I've done it again, made another new lowest weight!! and this time i am happier, ive never been this weight before.

I was awake all night for some reason, til 5.30am and got 1hr 30mins sleep before i was up for work. Didnt make for a very good 'feeling' day. I felt like constantly crying, but i wouldnt know what i would be crying about, so i didnt bother letting myself. I just put all my focus to food and thinking of the gym!!

I burnt of 900cals and have eaten 415cals. My calories are slowly depleating day-by-day. I could have burnt more of had i walked 20mins to and from the gym, but my friend came and picked me up :(

The OEP seems to be helping me shift the weight quicker i think, that and the added exercise i am doing.

My dress came today!! I tried it on, its perfect. I took a photo of myself in it (side view) and show my Mum, she couldn't tell which side was my back and which side was my that stomach is flat (not flat enough) without me breathing in!!

Stay strong everyone!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

18/04/11 & 19/04/11

Quote: Only a fool forgets their gym trousers!

So yesterday...i went shopping with my mum (she knows about my ed) and she decided it was time was a drink and cake!! She made me choose something, i was a bit frantic (in my head) because i couldnt tell what calories were in the cakes, i had to guess. I went for shortbread (think it was the healthiest thing there!!) and had a little carton of apple juice. My friend had planned for us to go for a panini up our local cafe for dinner, but i was sneaky and said "i've had a big lunch, so im not hungry" she belived and let me not eat.

My gym buddie then rang and wanted to go to the gym, so we went to the gym at 8.30pm!!! did a really good workout and burnt a total of 1110cals for the day, but with 760 eaten :(

Today...i woke up and i had gained 0.4lb, it could be water, or muscle or food, but either way, i shouldnt have gained. I did the wrong thing this morning and ate some chocolate, but then just had some pineapple and grapes at lunch :) I wanted to go to the gym again, so i told a 'white lie' to my mum and said "sarah wants me to go with her" she was fine, and let me go!! But just before i went i had more chocolate - weighed myself 110.2lb!! - gained 0.6lb since this morning. NOT GOOD!!!

anyhow, i walked to the gym, went to get changed...and there was NO trousers in my bag!! I'd forgotten to pack them! How could i be so silly, and not check. I felt like a right fool walking back out of the gym only 2mins after i walked in there. So having ate 570cals today i knew i needed to do something, so i went on a really long walk home (90mins instead of the quick 15mins) and by the time i'd got home i'd burnt 720!! YEA...over what i'd eaten, and i weighed again - back to 109.6lb RESULT!!

I've been speaking with a couple of buddies, and im thinking...on the days i go to the gym/long walk i can eat (as little as possible) and the days i dont go to the gym/long walk, then i wont eat. Seems simple enough to follow...if i can

My friend is getting married on the 7th May, and i brought my dress yesterday!! It fits perfect, so there is no space for me to gain weight, but if i can loss some, then it will fit a little loose. Its my inspiration, hanging on my wardrobe door, for me to see each and every morning!!

Starting back on the OEP today, every little to help with weight loss :)

Take care everyone!!
Jo x x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Feeling good

Quote: Don't.....give.....up

And i certainly did not give up today!! I woke up, weighed in and i was exactly 110lb, brought a little smile to my face and set me up for a good day :)

So, i had my first session at the gym!! And i LOVED it, i burnt (in total) 438cals while i was there and walking around today i've burnt off 240!! Added together makes 678. I went in this machine called 'Teadles', its twice the workout of a treadmill and thats where i used most of my calories. The rowing machine and bikes killed my legs and i was half tempted to give in, but i stuck at it and continued. Pleased afterwards that pushed myself. Plus i've only had 181cals, and 100ml of apple juice.

Pineapple - 62
Half a packet of pretzels - 48
Jelly - 10
Pancake - 61

All healthy and ok stuff.

Stay strong everyone (sorry the post is short)
x x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Not thin enough!

We are all equal

Quote: You can NEVER be too thin

Im back at the weight i was before i binged on thursday, which i am happy about, but not as happy as i thought i would be. I don't feel as 'pleased' i did then i saw the number the first time around. I spent 30mins this morning analising myself in the mirror, breathing in, breathing out, stretching up, pinching and pulling, yet i am still gross!!! and why?? because i am fat, thats why. I'm going to banish this excess weigh!!

I was dreading today, my friend asked me out for a meal, but i got a text this morning saying she was ill and had to cancel, i was so relieved, its meant i have been able to eat 570 cals all day, (but i could have had none) and my 350ml of liquid. There will be a loss again tomorrow.

I've got my induction at the gym tomorrow and then doing a session after it too, so i'll be all worked out :) I'm staying there until i burnt 900 cals (3 times the amout of cals i'll have eaten). And i will do that everyday, come rain or shine, i will walk to the gym and work work work!!!

Stay strong everyone x x

Friday, 15 April 2011


Firstly...Thank you PollyAnna and Dani for your kind comments on my last post. And hello to knew followers :)

Quote: If it was easy, everyone would be thin

ARHG!! I binged yesterday, completely and utterly binged. I could feel the food sitting right under my ribs and burst out my belly. A horrible feeling, that i wont forget in a hurry!! I dont even know what came over me, i just when to the shop and brought loads of fat food,

Chicken wrap
Belgium cookie
Cheese and onion pasty
Lindt chocolate buny

the worst foods possible.

And after me and my friend when for dinner at Pizza Hut!! i had a low cal pizzette thingy and a hot apple toffee pudding with 2 diet cokes!!

I just had to purge when i got home, and felt a bit relieved when i did my evening weight and only gained 2lb, normally it would have been at least 3lb. I did take quite a few lax.

Then this morning...Im up 1lb, but i've stuck to my plan and not even feeling hungry!! Im not eating another thing until my stomach rumbles!!

Also...i've joined a gym with a friend, we're going every night!! She need to loss her belly and i need to loss what ever i can loss!!

have thin thoughts


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Quote: You've come to far to take orders from a cookie

Haha, i was a sneak last night!! my dad said he was going for a walk up the road (its about 20mins) so i said i'd join him, make me burn more calories was my thought, and it worked. I was down 1lb last night (111.8lb)

and i then weighed this morning and i was 111lb exactly :) quite pleased considering the failure that i had :(

But lunch...i took orders from a belgium chocolate cookie and a raspberry with white chocolate muffin, then banoffe sundae at tea!! Damn my head, why cant i stick to my plan more firmly and loss more quickly!! I've punished myself and taken some lax, then did my evening weight....and surprisingly its still the same as it was this morning!! so either my scales are playing tricks on me or im really am down 0.8lb since last night :S hmmm....

I wrote out my food plan for the weeks ahead, and im going to pin it on my wall and stick to it. it goes like this:

Brekkie: Pineapple in juice - 62, 0.1
Lunch: Grapes (50g) - 32, 0.05
Dinner: Jelly - 8, 0
          Scotch Pancake - 61, 1.4

Total for each day: 163cal, 1.55g fat
Or without pancake: 102cal, 0.15g fat

Stay stong and than thin thoughts :)

x x


Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Quote: Hunger hurts, but starving works!!

Why did i do it?? Why Why Why?? I let myself slip yesterday. It all started out so well with 104 cals at breakfast, then 16 at lunch. But then it went wrong. I was asked to do a baking activity with the children in nusery and we made bread. Well that was it, i was nibbling on bread ALL afternoon, bread is my major downfall!! I was hating myself while i was secretly nibbling, but i couldn't stop. I did, however, come home after work and only have 10 cals!!

But the damn stayed in me, adding 1lb on me last night, then was still in me this morning making me up 0.4lb from yesterday morning!! So that put me in the right mood for a fight with food today!!

And today has been better, 349 cals!! only 49 over my 300 target, and i stuck to 300ml of liquid too!! I just weighed in and im the same weight as i was this morning, so i've not gained today!! Bonus. Although, it may possibly have something to do with the quite a few lax i took last night :S but still. And so far i've burnt off 360!! just walking around, so im in negative calories!!

More days like this are sure to follow, i will make them follow :)

Stay strong everyone
x x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Before and During

Before weight loss - 140lb

With weight loss - 112lb

Its going to happend

DayWeightCalories UsedYour Calorie Deficit

If i stick to 300cals a day, these are the weights i should reach each week :)


Quote: Calories CAN NOT make you happy!!!

And they jolly well havent!! They've made gain 2lb!! And im feeling fat and frumpy. It is my own fault, i know, i gave in and ate (added it all up to be 1728cals)!! Then it was my friends birthday so we all went out drinking in the evening so i've gained water weight too. Just bloody brilliant. Fucking body is a mess right now. I didnt have my pedometor on either so i've no idea how much i burnt off through the day and through dancing :s

I broke my rules yesterday 1) eating after 5pm 2) drinking more than 300ml of liquid 3) eating no more than 300 cal. So tomorrow i am starting a fast for as long as i can last!! Im doing it with a buddy, so we can both support each other and not fail or fall. We're going to reach our goals sooner rather than later. Summer is fast approaching and we need to look thin!!

I've all ready mucked up today at eaten 730 cals which was a whole easter egg and a chocolate bar :'( i have purged so im hoping it wont have effected me too much, and im having no more food!! Food is gone!! Food is an enemy!!

Take care all

x x

Friday, 8 April 2011

Back on Track

Quote: Dont give in to what you want at the moment, for what you want in the future!

Oh my days, bad bad few days. Admittedly i have still been losing weight, but not as much as i could have been if i'd have been strict with myself. I totally wasnt. Wednesday i ate 1675 cals and yesterday i ate 1120 cals!! A massive amount over what i would have liked!! Plus it was crap food i was eating (cookies, chocolate, wraps) And i only burnt off 600 cals each day! CRAP times

But on track, only 549 cals!! under the 700 cal limit i set myself for today!! im impressed that i managed to do, i really thought i would give in to my wants and cravings, but no!!!! Ana saved me and im thankful. Means for a good loss tomorrow morning when i weigh - in.

Im feeling strong again, no giving in to food!!

Stay strong peeps!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Not Giving Up!

Quote: The more hungry you are, the more fat you burn

i was surprised with my weight this morning! Down 1.2lb!! results are starting now. So i started of my day by loving the hungry feeling and making sure i kept that feeling all the way til lunch time :)

I keep almost caving in, so badly to scoffing loads of chocolate, bread, yoghurts (but thats Mia come to show) and so i've now decided that i will now leave all money at home so i can not buy any food on my lunch breaks or on the way home. This will stop any possible binges happening.

Me and a friend went for a hot chocolate, it wasnt until after i found out it was 372 cals!!!! WAY WAY too many!! I sharnt be having another one, that is a fact. I felt so bloated after it, and its no wonder!! All that fat milk and cream :'(

Other than the hot chocolate id done ok with only 292 cals eaten, and most of that was fruit!! And ive burnt of 660!! Must be in for another loss tomorrow!!

Take care x x

Monday, 4 April 2011


Quote: 'Food hinders your progress'

Omg! I cant actually believe it, i've lost some weight!! The first time in two weeks!! Stepping on those scales and seeing its gone down, brought a smile to my face and set my morning off to a good start.

But then lunch time, my friend gave me a cookie and literally put it in my hand!! I ate it :( and then counter-acted it by taking a couple of lax and doing some walking :) I hope that rechard cookie hasnt damaged my weight!! There will be trouble if it has.

On my way home for work, i was thinking "you've ate a cookie and mucked up, go ahead and continue" so i walked in to the shop, picked up some mini eggs and then sudden thought "WEIGHT GAIN" so i put them back on the shelf and walked out :) i felt so strong, for not giving in and standing my ground to Mia. Good bye Mia!!

So today ive comsumed 701cals (way more than i planned) and burnt off 590!

Stay strong everyone

x x x

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Quote for the day


Day 1 of posting:

Well the day started off completely wrong, comsuming a whole easter egg!! Fat cow, i know!! I couldnt stop myself once i started. But now ive made the whole day on just that, and the thought of any more for is horrible!! I dont deserve any more food.

Family has gone out for a meal and i was invited but turned down the invitation - think of all those extra calories i would have been eating!! And eating extra calories means gaining weight. The opposite of what i am meant to be going.

Take care everyone
Jo x x