ABC of Anorexia
A is for the anxiety you always know
B is for the bones you wish to show
C is for the compulsions you always do
D is for the death that could overtake you
E is for emaciation, eating, EDNOS, and overexercise
F is for the feeding tube they will put in regardless of your cries
G is for the guilt you always feel
H is for the hate which is so real
I is for yourself, whom you no longer know
J is for justification, you always show
K is for Ketosis that your body will know
L is for lanugo, which you will grow
M is for medications of laxatives and diet pills
N is for nutrition your body wills
O is for obvious obsession
P is for purging which has you in possession
Q is for quiet, for you never speak of you disease
R is for rest, which your body never sees
S is for self-starvation you know best
T is for triggers you know the rest
U is for how unhealthy your body has become
V is for validation, all you want is some
W is for wishing you could be thinner
X is for countless x-rays you will require
Y is for yourself you no longer admire
Z if for zero which is the number for which you aspire....

I will starve to perfection
Living life under Ana is my protection!!
She is a true friend,
She makes me feel better, I can't pretend!!
I'm going to let her gain control,
With her she makes me whole!!
With her on my side I can do anything,
True happiness I know she will bring

You see a pretty face, i see a tiny waist.
Wrist so frail and ribs avil.
I think its all beautiful, a perfect shape.
Just skin and bones, legs don't touch.
A size zero, this is what i call beautiful

You say i am always happy, and that i am good at what i do,
but you'll never realise, that i'm a damn good actress too!!

It feels like i have lost this fight
They think that I am staying down
But i'm not giving up tonight!
Tonight this wall is coming down
I am stronger than my fears,
This mountain that i climb,
Got 100 steps to go,
tonight i'll make it 99

Go one more
yeah yeah,
Don't stop now


I have everything to lose
By not getting up to fight,
Might get used to giving up,
So I am showing up tonight.
I am my own enemy.
The battle fought within my mind,
If I can overcome step one,

Its not about being skinny or pretty,
Its about being both.
Being perfect and not a pound more!!

Do it for the gap between your thighs,
Do it for a perfectly flat stomach. Do
it because you would rather love
yourself later than hate yourself a
few seconds after the 'full' feeling
sets in. Do it because that one little
piece of food that you just have to
have, will NEVER satisfy you. Food
does NOT satify you. Why should it
control you??

don't forget that you have to push yourself
to the very
until you're the
Best you can be
and can look at yourself as someone
who is
not just like everyone else
instead you can see yourself as
control is a purpose without control you can only be
someone who girls look at to feel better about themselves
nothing more

Anorexics Cold Marks
I build up hunger
Like glass
If I eat
The glass will break
I will have to start over
I used to have blood
dripping down
my wrist
now the pain
of starvation
Is enough
If I don’t eat
there won't be any
more scars on my wrists
I don’t want to bleed
I don’t want to starve
but I have to--
Is starving better then self harm?