Thursday, 30 January 2014

I'm Back

I'm back, everyone!! I don't know if I have followers or not anymore, but oh well.

Its been almost 3 years since I last posted on here, and so much has happened. I've been though the Eating Disorder services and was discharged informal in Jan '12 from my individual therapy, before starting group therapy. I was then discharged formal in Jan '13.
My therapist Sarah. B was lovely, I saw her for 9mths in totally, but she didn't really understand me sometimes. For one she didn't listen when I kept telling her that I had begun to binge and make myself sick, hence the reason for group therapy after - that was for bulimia.

Since leaving services, my bingeing and purging continued for well in to 10mths, but I now think I have it under control. yes, I eat too much on the odd days, but I don't purge and I am careful what I eat the next day. I still take laxatives and diets pill, just to be sure.

the reason I am back is because I am making myself skinny again, I had what bulimia has done to my body and now its time to fix it. sort it out, mend it. I'm going to be strict (I am already really), i'll be running every other day, and still taking pill.

I will have a body for the summer that I like!!

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