Thursday, 2 June 2011


Quote: i let myself believe miracles can happen, now i have to pretend i dont care.

So....This is going to be the last post i make before i go on holiday. I return on the 11th June, so will try and post as soon as possible once i am back.

I've been ok recently, kind of getting over the train incident, but every time i see a train or hear a train i start to well up and cry, so im avoiding going to the station for buses. I choose the other stops.

I went on quite a binge the other day, and really thought i would have put on weight when i went to my GP this afternoon, but NO!!!! I was still the same!! 106lb, BMI 16.8! Fabulous stuff. While im on holiday with my friend we get breakfast and dinner included, so im thinking of having some fruit for breakfast, skipping the lunch (saying ive not got much money to buy anything) and then choosing a little something at dinner, but then saying i dont like it. Im gonna use this holiday to lose weight, but have a good time too!! Hope i can be down 2 or 3lb :s

So, stay strong everyone
miss you all!!
Love Me x x