Saturday, 14 May 2011


Quote: Anything is better than nothing!

I'm at a new lowest weight!! Im 104.2, cant believe it. After i binged last saturday and tuesday and getting to 108.8 (sun morning), i thought i would take me for ever to even get back to where i was before the binge.

Admittedly i have gone double hard on the workouts going up 100cals each time. I did 1300 on monday and made it 1800 yesterday. I finally hit 900cals in the gym, i do 45mins on the treadles, 10mins on the stairmaster, 20mins on the cross-trainer. I'll be doing that every time now. The only reason i made 1800 was because i walked 9miles in my day on a outing, so normally through my day i'll burn 600cals.

My plan is now 900 in the gym, 600 in my day and that will get to a nice rounded number of 1500cals. I'm only going to allow myself to eat when i actually feel hungry, and then i will only eat fruit and veggies. Im gonna keep taking the water pills cos otherwise i just store water like an elephant and i'll take 2 lax for every 100cals that i eat. I want to hit 98lb by the 4th june (my holiday). Hope i can do it!!

Meeting with Ryan today, he text and asked if i want to meet for lunch or something. I said yeah that would be nice, so he is ringing me at noon to arrange what we do. If its lunch i shall just have a salad. Thats another reason why i am so happy, im at my lowest weight for a first date :D

Im pleased the positives from the last post helped some of you, i never even thought of things like that until i was working out after my last binge, lol. Keep remembering them :)

Stay strong and skinny
Love me


  1. just stay safe hun ok dont want nethinto happen to u
    i need to start working out more

  2. You are sooo tiny!! Enjoy it! :) And have fun on your date!

  3. Thank you all, i'm making sure i stay safe. I dont want anything happening to me either :)

    Working out if great, you should do more if you can Dani :)

    Cheers Lita & GraceyJ

  4. Have fun on your lunch date, girl!
    You deserve it!
    Hooray for a new lowest weight!!! :D
    Kudos to you, well done indeed!
    Hope you are doing well!
    Hang in there and stay strong love. <3