Friday, 20 May 2011


Quote: You are only a failure if you feel like a failure

I have so much 'uncontrolable' things happen to me this week, that i knew it was only a matter of time before i binged big style

1) Ryan turned all funny on me, with no space to make a relationship work
2) My mum!! Yes my mum, went in to my room and emptied my bins. There would have been lax and water pill packets, plus s/h plasters that she must have seen. (its not the first time she's nosied in my room, doesnt understand the word PRIVACY!!)
3) My massage got cancelled and i was so looking forward to relaxing for 1hr

So, you can see how it mounted up. Then all came tumbling out today. Here's what i ate, you're gonna be shocked, and you can truely tell me that im fat greedy cow, cos i sure do feel like one.

Yoghurt - 175
White bread - 120

Chicken wrap - 260
Minstrels - 211
Grapes - 32

Ice-cream - 260
Chocolate caramel slice - 289
Ham and cheese sandwich - 315
Chicken and pesto panini (1/2) - 200
Chocolate muffin - 300

Absolutely masses, and i've just weighed in -im 106.6, 3.6lb up from this morning (taken 16 lax, that will help tomorrow). This now will signal the start of a fast down to 100lb!! The thought of any food is repulsive right now.

Wish me luck with it,
I'm gonna be strong and do this!!!

Stay stronger than me people x x


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you binged. :(
    But you can overcome this!
    You are strong and determined.
    Use that energy to beat this binge monster! :)
    We are all here to support you, no matter what!
    Hang in there and stay strong, love. <3

  2. You got this!! Good luck on your fast!!

  3. sorry u binged hun but it all happens to us every single on eof us dont b too hard on u
    becaure with the lax i now have IBS from past abuse of them

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself, tomorrow is always a new day and a fresh start! I'm sorry your massage got cancelled, maybe you can reschedule it. Good luck and stay strong!

  5. Day one of the fast is going well :)

    Plus when i weighed this morning. . . i had not gained :D the lax and purging worked!

  6. im sorry you binged hunnie but im sure you could fix it by getting back on track straight away (: